The probate market is a steady, untapped market that gives you the opportunity to make significant profits by purchasing investment properties or gaining listings for sale and selling on behalf of the estate Executor or Administrator.

Most often, when real property is part of an estate, it becomes necessary to sell the property in order to settle the estate.  For many reasons, the Executor or Administrator of the estate is a motivated seller who is anxious to resolve all open matters in an expedient fashion.   In some cases, the Executor will also require assistance managing the activities associated with the interim maintenance and disposal of the property.  Some interesting facts…

  • The current senior population possesses more than $900 billion in cash and assets
  • People over 55 years of age control the majority of this country’s wealth.
  • More than $10 trillion in inheritances will pass through Probate and Estate this year.

Long Island Profiles collects probate data that will allow you to take advantage of this opportunity.  We gather all information firsthand, and take every available measure to identify only those estates that do have real property associated with them.  Our Probate data is available on a monthly basis and can be purchased as a subscription service or on an ‘as needed’ basis.